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      Hey guys,

      There seems to be a theme going on. Paying down debt isn’t something

      that only rich people can do. Granted, it takes a TON of creativity

      and lots of ideas, but that’s why we’re here, and why the library

      should become your new best friend.

      I think I’ve said before–I’m writing a book on climbing out of debt.

      To do that, I’ve read probably 30 books by experts. I borrowed nearly

      all of them from the library, and I have to say that I’ve now gone

      out and bought some of them because they’re so incredible I couldn’t

      live without them. I gained wisdom, perspective, confidence–not to

      mention LOADS of ideas.

      Take advantage of the work these people have done and figure out what

      will work for you. The best advice I read was that if we don’t change

      the way we deal with money, we’ll be rowing down the same river in

      the same boat for the rest of our lives. Yes, it’s really hard. Yes,

      this economy makes it even worse when we were already struggling. But

      it’s about the attitude we use to approach the problem that will help

      us get out of it.

      Okay (climbing off soapbox), the pep talk is over. But there are a

      lot of people just like you, and just like me, who aren’t in our boat

      anymore. If they could do it, so can we.

      So here’s my starter list of things everyone trying to get out of

      debt should read:

      — Mary Hunt, Debt-Proof Living-The complete guide to living free

      — Suze Orman, 9 Steps to Financial Freedom

      — Suze Orman, Women & Money: Owning the power (if don’t feel $ savvy)

      — David Bach, Smart Women Finish Rich

      — Jean Chatzky, Pay It Down!: From Debt to Wealth on $10 a Day

      — Jerrold Mundis, How to Get out of debt, stay out of debt…

      It’s all about ideas. And yes, having an extra $1 or $100 to send.

      But like someone just said in a post, this magical thing can happen

      where it kinda starts a snowball of success (totally cheesy, I know).

      Sorry if I went a little nutso. I’m very passionate about this stuff

      (hence, writing a book).


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