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      At 07:15 PM 7/23/2008, you wrote:

      >..I don’t blow money, I just don’t put

      >important things first then I freak out when I am behind. Sounds

      >immature I know.

      Admit it, you *do* blow money if you don’t put the important things

      first. At least you do admit you do have the problem. Now learn to

      listen to yourself when you tell yourself “no”.

      One thing I do when I’m really wanting to save for something is to

      take my credit cards (I have 2, and a gas credit card) and my 2 ATM

      cards and slide each in a card size envelope with something like

      “vacation in March” written on it. That visual reminder really helps

      me to keep things in perspective.

      Some people have the envelope method where they take the money each

      paycheck and put the proper amount for each payment in the designated

      envelope. I do this with a ledger system. The money stays in the

      bank account, but I keep record of what is set aside for each payment

      on a designated page in the ledger book. That way, I can do on-line

      or automated phone system payments with no trouble.

      I used to have the same problem, but I’ve changed my ways. It took

      me a bit of time, but I have no problems doing it now.

      Ann in Arkansas

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