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      I guess I don’t understand the concept of setting a budget at some arbitrary amount that includes savings if savings isn’t there. On a good month I’m fine with extra. But on a bad month the bills still need to be paid no matter what.

      The only catagory that I ever seem to be able to consistently play with is food. The rest..well I can pay minimums but I hate to do that. I’m good MOST of the time.

      I guess I just don’t want to be out of debt bad enough. I refuse to get rid of cable, cell phones and internet.

      I also tithe. That’s a category that will never be laid aside. If I ever got into trouble financially as in being sued or something like that a judge would scoff I’m sure.

      We give thousands per year. But it’s part of our belief system and I believe that it’s why God has never allowed me to truly be snowed under.

      I can learn to be more careful about buying things… For instance, I got so excited about the Angel Food Ministries program I finally bought that freezer I want. I’ve wanted one for a long time.

      Since we feed so many people we hardly ever have room in our fridge and we can’t take advantage of shopping sales and buying ahead. Well now we can. I could have taken a few extra weeks to find a cheap or free one.

      But I am too impatient for that. Besides, in my early years I lived with thriftstore and garage sale stuff. I can’t stand living that way now.

      I work too hard to spend the time running down some cheap piece of crap that’s just going to break down in a few months and not be under any kind of warranty.

      But hey… I think I can save about 400 per month on the Angel Food progam thanks to all of you! I’m going to put that towards paying off my small cards first.


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      From: Ann Garner
      Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2008 2:20 PM
      Subject: Re: : Budgeting Issues

      At 08:59 AM 7/24/2008, you wrote:
      >My husband barely clears the mortgage after taxes and insurance is
      >deducted from his check. We couldn’t even come close to living on
      >his income. The daycare is the primary source of income even if it
      >is unstable.

      He drives 45 minutes each way to work so he’s spending
      >at least 500 per month on gas too. But his job isn’t one that’s
      >easy to find. We can’t move closer either because the laws in KS
      >are very unfavorable towards daycare and homeschooling.

      Even if I
      >was willing to move, it can take up to 6 months to get licensed and
      >you can’t even have 1 full-time child in KS until you are.
      As I stated in the previous post, but must have not made it really
      plain enough: I’d set my budget at what hubby makes, **plus** half
      of what the daycare brings in. Any over that half, put it aside for
      those rough times.

      Ann in Arkansas

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