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      1) always, always, always make a grocery list and take it with you to the store.

      – sit down and look through your cabinets, pantry, etc. to see what you have

      on hand. plan your menus around those items.

      – write down your meals based on those items. the full meal – main dish,

      side dish, dessert, etc.

      – make up grocery list by writing down what you need to fill out the “on hand”

      pantry items to complete the meals.

      – make foods from scratch. for example: pizza. easy to make from scratch and

      you can easily customize them. fun for the kids to help with as well.

      2) Buy and use a slow cooker. I am a working mother too. I prepare the meal

      ahead (do the meat prep, slice the veggies, etc.) at night (when I plan

      everything for the next day, pack my tote, make lunches, etc.) and fill the

      cooker portion with everything. Put it in your fridge. In the morning, before

      you leave the house, put the cooker portion onto the cooking element (the heated

      portion) and plug it in. When you get home, dinner is done.

      3) Make your own lunches everyday! Plan this into your grocery shopping as


      4) Use coupons. Take the time to look through them and choose the items that go

      with your grocery list.

      5) Look at your local Walgreens and cvs, target and wal mart for grocery items

      as well. make lists.

      get a spiral notebook and make a few lists. i need to pick up _______ items at

      the grocery store. i need to pick up _______ at walgreens. i need to pick up

      ______ at target. some stores have different things on sale each time you are

      heading out. take a cooler with you for cold/frozen items so you don’t have to

      keep coming back home.

      plan your trips so you go to the place farthest away first, get the items there

      and move back towards home. no doubling back. saves gas and time.

      if you can go without the kids – do it – if they are at the age where they

      “help” you with impulse buying – leave them home or explain the reasons/rules to


      eat before you leave and pack a snack for yourself to take with you. yes. pack

      a sack lunch. no hitting the drive thru.


      — on wed, 7/23/08, shadistin3 wrote:

      Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 8:15 PM

      I am a working mother of 3. My husband and I make decent money but we

      are always broke!!!!!!!!!

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