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      I really do try and stay ahead on kids like that. I guess I just made too many mistakes with my spending through the years so that when the medical bills and my husbands 10 months unemployment hit I wasn’t ready. Now digging out from under will take years and years.


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      Suzie, I can relate, I did daycare for 10 years 24/7 nothing like not having a life…

      I would always try to have 1 or 2 kids more than I needed to get all the bills paid so when a parent quit, etc…. I was still solvent until the next one…. and the food program check certainly helped with expenses….

      Also does your local community have any programs for day care incentives? We have smart start that has bonus programs for daycares if you are getting childcare education (which I did online)…

      good luck! I feel your pain 🙂


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