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      You need to get organized and create lists of payment priorites. All

      of the frugal tips are great, but will not really save you money if

      you aren’t already organized. I know this from experience. I would

      just spend the money saved on something else until I got organized. I

      know it isn’t fun, but it is essential and will help you to see where

      your money is going and what is getting paid. There are lots of books

      and computer programs designed to help with this, but a notebook and

      pencil are all you really need. Good Luck!

      — In, “shadistin3” wrote:


      > I am a working mother of 3. My husband and I make decent money but


      > are always broke!!!!!!!!! We never are able to keep the bills in

      > line. A lot of it is my fault. I just can’t seem to buckle down.


      > don’t manage money well. I need tips on saving money on food,

      > household items, etc……I don’t blow money, I just don’t put

      > important things first then I freak out when I am behind. Sounds

      > immature I know. Any advice would be helpful.


      > Thank you.

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