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      We went through the Dave Ramsey’ Finacial Peace Program’ and it taught us a lot. The big thing that Dave Ramsey teaches is to make a budget and then use the envelope system . The envelope system keeps you from overspending in any area.

      Overspending in any area screws up the whole budget.
      I looked at http://www.budget101.com/art251.htm and that is just what they teach.
      For some people carrying cash in an actual envelope is a problem . It was a problem for me and my husband for a number of reasons. So, we are using the envelope system just a little differently.

      We use the Budget Map checkbook registers. Budget map lays out your checkbook balance into ( envelope columns) . Each deposit is divided into different budget( envelope)catergory columns and each check/ debit purchase is deducted from the corresponding column.

      This is the exact same principle as the cash envelope system only you don’t have to carry cash.
      When it is pouring down rain , I appreciate paying at the pump with my debit card. I also hate to stand in line at the gas station behind all the people buying and scratching off lottery tickets. This can take 15 minutes or more here in SC.

      I also don’t have to worry about my safety because someone has seen me pull out cash in a public place.
      If you don’t have a problem carrying cash , definitely use the cash envelope system. If you have a problem with that , then use the same principle with Budget Map. Just be sure that you do one or the other.



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      >>I have recently come into a string of not-so-goodluck. Basically Im
      looking for some 1 on 1 teaching because I don’t know where to begin
      with my budget and debt. << You’ve come to the right place. First, I recommend going here: https://www.budget101.com/art251.htm

      This is by far the easiest budgeting plan to start, especially if you’ve
      never had to maintain a budget before. It gives step by step directions.


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