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      I just found out that my 17 year old took a lot of money out of his savings account over a week's time. I am so furious that I am beyond words. This child has not deposited a paycheck in two months, so that money plus the money he took out of his savings account is totally unaccounted for. He owes me for car insurance. We had an issue two weeks ago about the use of the car and we almost sold the car because of his attitude and totally disobeying the “car use” rules. He and I are just alike with our tempers and I tend to yell and get mad at him a lot because he won't follow the rules. I have just moved his savings money (what's left of it)to an account that he does not have access to thru his ATM. I know I can't make him save money or give me his paycheck for me to split it to deposit into savings & checking. He is just like his dad (we're divorced, wonder why?) when it comes to money. You'd think he'd learn my frugal ways, as I do not spend money frivolously. Any tips on how to teach him how to budget?

      I am very concerned because I don't have the money to send him all the way through college and at the rate he's going, he won't have any money to contribute to his education or living expenses. Am I a bad parent if I make him pay for the first year of community college, then if he can do that responsibly, I'll pick up what I can for him to transfer to a university?

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