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      Hi Maria, We are sort of the same boat. I needed a pan recipe also for the beef fillets from Angel Foodas we no longer have our grill and my oven doesn’t work so anythingI can’t make in the crockpotI can only cook with a hot plate and microwave. A friend of mine who used to be a cook in the military told me to pan sear them. Salt and pepper both sides (season to your taste with heavy pepper, rosemary or dill), heat oil in pan over medium high heat untilhot (PLEASE BE CAREFUL) cook meat on each side for about 3-5 minutes for about med-rare ( again your taste- more rare 3 min, almost not 5 minutes) but he also warned not to cook to long or they get tough and lose flavor. Hope this helps.

      maria wrote:

      solid;”> I have four bacon wrapped beef filets and I do not have a grill and do
      not want to broil them,Do you guys have any ideas how I can prepare
      these??Any recipes using these?They came from the Angel Food Ministry.

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