Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Cooking for Two Help me cook for hubby anniversary dinner

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      Hi all. I am looking for something affordable and easy that I can make for my husband for our anniversary. Any ideas? He loves steak, I don’t care for it. I love chicken, he doesn’t care for it. We neither one like pork. Now you see my dilemma.

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      You could possible do a little “pasta bar.” That way you could put some grilled steak on his & some grilled chicken on your own!

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      That is a great idea. Thank you. I will think on it.. I would have to put his steak on mac n cheese… he is a very picky eater… not fun…

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      I have found that fondue is always great. We love going to the Melting Pot restaurant for our special meals. They can be pricey, doing it at home will be way cheaper, but they have a downloadable menu on their website if you need ideas to make a fondue at home and what to serve with it.

      The melting pot does a cheese fondue, a salad, a meat/veggie fondue, and then a chocolate fondue.

      I have not tried a cheese fondue yet at home, only chocolate, but we had the best time and it was very romantic. The nice thing about the meat fondue is that you use raw cut up chunks of meat (he can have his steak and you can have your chicken) and cook them in a veggie broth (You can put veggies like mushrooms, zuchini, potatoes, etc. in the broth too). That is a great way to not only solve the issue, but allows you both to get something you want and you can have as much or as little. You can also get nice cuts at the butchers by requesting like an 1/8 or a 1/4 and giving him a variety like filet, akaushi, KC strip, etc. The butchers will also cut it however you want, so the cutting part will be done for you. The Melting Pot usually gives 4 (2 of the small lobster tails) pieces (each of the meats are 1 inch cubes or single pieces of shrimp/ravioli) of each of the meats listed in the big night out menu. That should help you with trying to get the right amount of food for the two of you.

      You will also be able to find lots of great recipes online.

      Enjoy your special meal!

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      i will be visiting the melting pot website

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Cooking for Two Help me cook for hubby anniversary dinner