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      Office Max does the same. The cartridge becomes a coupon for $3 off of a purchase.  They will take any cartridge they sell, up to 5 at a time. I was able to get an office storage drawer & 4 small cd sized crates (already on sale for $2 each) for about $5.
      Office Depot also “pays” you for some ink cartridges.  Their policy seems to change often. A while back, they were giving away a ream of paper for each cartridge, I think.   I didn’t pay close attention, because, at the time, they weren’t accepting my ink cartridges.  
      Sams Club sell more ink online than they have in the store.  But, by the time you add on shipping, you may not save much. 



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      On May 21, 2007, at 3:59 AM, E Jackson wrote:

      when your cartridges are empty you can take them to Staples for
      $3 coupon good for anything at Staples. Call to check and see which cartridges they take since they do not accept all cartridges

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