Help house of boys and very picky eaters

Stuff I’d Like to See General Help house of boys and very picky eaters

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      I live in a very diverse house I have one boy whom is very versitile with his eating, thenm I have another that will barely eat anything. And I am on avery tight budget does anyone have any suggestions. My house and budget is upside down trying to accomodate both eaters.

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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, Razgift75! Good to have you here. Lots of ideas, information and recipes on this site to help everyone. How old are your children? Thanks; Virginia

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      Hi there!
      We have seven children and about half will eat just about anything and the other half…..not so much!
      My BEST piece of advice is to not make it a battle/big deal .
      I a) try to make meals the picky ones like or b) make two things ie. if I am making tuna casserole I will make a macaroni and cheese as well…..not much more work, and everybody is happy.
      Also, on those days that Pickinella doesn’t like what we are having for dinner, they are free to have a sandwich or something else easy that they DO like. Generally, they make it themselves.
      Maybe we are too easy going. I know some people that say “This is what is for dinner. Eat it or don’t, but that is all there is” but I don’t believe in that method. Food shouldn’t be a battle.
      PLUS…put yourself in the child’s shoes. Imagine if your partner said it to you? LOL!
      (Sorry, I’m not implying this is what you do, just trying to explain how I wouldn’t like it if I were told *you eat this, or you go hungry* kwim?)
      Also, I would sit down with the picky one and discuss it. Tell him how you want to be making thing he would like to eat and you need some ideas. Then stick up on the things he likes when they are on sale, etc.
      One more thing….I had a friend whose child wasn’t actually “picky” but my friend thought she was, because she “only liked” things like cheesies, and basically junk food. So my friend fed it to her as she felt “it is better than her not eating.”
      My suggestion was to NOT BUY stuff like that, and progress slowly. The child would eat a multitude of things at my house, because the junk options weren’t available, kwim? See was hungry, this is what we have…..
      Again, not that I am suggesting you let them starve til they are hungry enough to eat, but if you limit the junk options it can help.
      And in my opinion, if they eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days, as long as it is healthy I’m cool with that!!
      Mar from Ontario

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      my parents were the type, eat it or leave it. dinner became stressful and i became anorexic. i dropped down to 80 pounds and i couldn’t eat until i got married and left home. going out to eat was the worst because my parents ordered for us and we never had a say so what we ate. then we would get yelled at in public. i am in my 40’s and still hate going out to eat.

      i have a child that will not eat food. his is a texture thing. i know this because of other aspects of his life. we did the rule…1 bite per year of age. he is 10 and will almost clear a plate of food. after the required bites, they could have hotdogs, ramen noodles, PBJ…whatever they wanted, but they had to fix it.

      good luck, i know how this can make you feel. remember it is not a reflection on you.

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Help house of boys and very picky eaters