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      Hotwheels, movies (spiderman, superman, cars, harry potter…..), clothing, action figures, puzzles, books, etc…. Hope that helps. I have a 5 yr old boy.

      vickieanderson wrote: This has nothing to do with a budget but I need help…

      I need some ideas for a Christmas gift for a 6 year old boy that won’t
      break the bank. Don’t want to spend more than $30 or $40. I never had a
      boy so I have no idea what to get him.

      Long story but I don’t get
      see him much, so I don’t know what he has or needs & I want him to know
      that we do care even if we aren’t related & the situation going on with
      his mother isn’t his fault. Nothing big or heavy because I have to mail
      the gift.


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