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      You can’t go wrong with a remote control car….

      Also, you can usually get great deals on

      for boys toys for around $6-$10 for things valued at


      — armstrca <> wrote:

      > I know a bit of a copout…. GC to Wal-Mart or

      > Toys’R’Us. I know my

      > son was major into Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars and

      > the play sets you

      > can get to use them on. Or you could just get him

      > one of the cars sets

      > and some cars.



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      > Subject: : Help….gift idea

      > I need some ideas for a Christmas gift for a 6 year

      > old boy that won’t

      > break the bank. I never had a boy so I have no idea

      > what to get him.



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