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      Guest is a really good website. You can search based on

      tuition, college size, major etc. I don’t know if the website lets

      you search for Master’s/PhD. programs but if you click a colleges’

      website it should give you all that information.

      I hope this helps, goodluck!

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      > do your homework and make sure they are accredited. there are many

      > online colleges out there who will take your $$$ and the degree is


      > worth the paper they are on, not the time invested. talk to your


      > college and see if they offer an online degree – rather one you only

      > have to go into the college for testing or something like that.


      > online degrees are usually are not the best to go to.




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      > I am searching for an online college to get my master’s and phd.


      > anyone know which one has the lowest tuition or how I can find out?

      > I’m looking at studying early childhood education.

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