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      I agree. I know a lady that studies online and got her degree. When

      she went job hunting, her degree was not accepted because it wasn’t

      accredited with the state’s board of education. Colleges are now

      offering some online classes. Please be careful.

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      > do your homework and make sure they are accredited. there are many

      > online colleges out there who will take your $$$ and the degree is


      > worth the paper they are on, not the time invested. talk to your


      > college and see if they offer an online degree – rather one you only

      > have to go into the college for testing or something like that.


      > online degrees are usually are not the best to go to.




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      > I am searching for an online college to get my master’s and phd.


      > anyone know which one has the lowest tuition or how I can find out?

      > I’m looking at studying early childhood education.

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