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      Amen with the U of P experience…

      I am paying them now and will keep canceled checks!!!! They sent it to some “in-house” collections who will not respond to me nor validate the amount owed. When I log into my account it does not show the balance they say I owe anymore….

      So I'm at a loss what to do since I don't want it to go on my credit report.

      Grrr… And their education is “sub-par” at best. Most employers apparently won't even accept that as college education.

      On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 4:54 AM, Sarah Long <> wrote:

      I go to school online. Most colleges in your area should offer at least some of the courses online. However, I wouldn't think that all of them would be online because of what you are wanting to study.

      Beware University of Phoenix online!!! I took a couple of courses with them years ago and even though everything was paid they tried to say it wasn't years later. Thank goodness I kept my receipts!

      help you stay fit.


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