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      First of all does she see this as a problem and does she want change for her and her kids. You might want to ask her that first. My mom was abused by our father for 50 years. When I got older I would talk to her about leaving him and she didn’t want to. I would give her information that is out there for abused women and she would get mad at me. So first sake her if she is willing to make a change. If she is, then the advices I have been reading are wonderful tools for this situation. But if she doesn’t want help then you just listen. Use a calendar and whenever you see it yourself or hear from her being abused jot it down. If and when she decides to leave him, you can bring that calendar to court and it might be of great help in court.

      good luck

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      12pt;font-family: Arial;color: blue;”>Actually she could file a form called “Injured Spouse” which states that the income/tax is his not hers – his income therefore his tax liability. It works. You need to have her speak to a CPA who specializes in IRS matters – they can usually explain it all at a FREE Consultation

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