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      Honestly, while 350 a week might not seem like a whole lot, it’s

      higher than working a 40 hour per week job at minimum wage. In fact,

      it’s the same as if she were working a job and getting paid $8.75

      take home pay. That might not be much, but I recall the days not too

      long ago when my husband and I were surviving just fine on $6.50 an

      hour for 1 job, 40 hours a week, 5 people.

      She will likely qualify for WIC, as well as food stamps. Because she

      got a judgement for getting child support, WIC will NOT go by what

      the husband makes, but rather the judgement pay. I -think- that food

      stamps will as well, but even if they go by the husband’s supposed

      pay, it won’t effect the amount by a whole lot, and they will be

      required to put down 6 people instead of 5.

      Going to the IRS won’t do a whole lot of good if both the boss and

      employee show records of him only making $500 a week. They could

      investigate it, but it’s not going to get your friend anyway, and

      certainly not for a while.

      If she can’t afford the payments on where she is living, rent or

      owning, she should find subsidized housing, which is 30% of her

      income for the price of rent- $420 a month, based on her judgement

      of $1400 a month.

      If she has a job on top of this, then it’s not likely she will get

      much, if anything, from state aid.

      — In, Jennifer Huff



      > I have a relatively new friend (our daughters just started


      > with each other in Kindergarden this year) who just called to tell


      > she spent the day yesterday in court. Her husband dragged her out


      > the house by her neck and was attacking her. Fortunately the kids

      > were sleeping. The neighbors called the cops. She did manage to

      get a

      > year long restraining order against him. But now this mom of 4


      > are 5, 4, 2.5 and 1.5) must live on her own. The court could only

      > prove that the husband makes $500 per week-he works for his uncle


      > makes at least double that but under the table-so she will only


      > $350 per week to support 5 people! Has anyone else run into this.


      > think (but haven’t said anything to her yet) that she should tell


      > that he needs to cough up more money or she will call the IRS. Or

      > will this land her into trouble too as she is still married to


      > jerk? We live in the NorthEast and I’m sure the rent at her place


      > easily $1500 per month. She doesn’t have a degree so she would


      > make enough money per hour as she would have 3 kids in daycare!


      > want to help, but don’t know what to do. Any suggestions are


      > I know abuse happens, I’ve just never known anyone it has


      > to. Thanks.

      > Jennifer


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