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      She needs to look in the yellow pages under social service organizations and start calling all of them. They will be able to help with food, clothes, sometimes utility bills and car repairs if necessary. She should also call any local vocational colleges or universities and ask if they have programs for displaced homemakers. Many have programs to help you get a skill or degree so you can become self-supporting. If her husband is at all threatening, she needs to leave the area. Contact the local Safe Homes or Women’s Shelter and ask for assistance. They will give her and her children a place to stay, move them to another town if the threats are there, get them set into an apartment, help finding employment and child care, and counceling. There’s lots of help available, she just has to make it known she needs it. The shame and fear hold most of us back, but you just have to get over it and go forward in life. The
      first steps are the hardest, but become easier when you realize there really are people out there willing to help and give you support. Just be a friend, and listen alot and make the calls for her if necessary. I will pray for all concerned. Casey

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