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      o The court could only

      > prove that the husband makes $500 per week-he works for his uncle and

      > makes at least double that but under the table-so she will only get

      > $350 per week to support 5 people! Has anyone else run into this. I

      > think (but haven’t said anything to her yet) that she should tell him

      > that he needs to cough up more money or she will call the IRS. Or

      > will this land her into trouble too as she is still married to the

      > jerk? We live in the NorthEast and I’m sure the rent at her place is

      > easily $1500 per month.

      > Jennifer


      I think that her calling the IRS would get her in trouble because she

      is still married to him. Usually the only way for a spouse to get out

      of IRS trouble due to the other spouse is to file a form saying he/she

      knew nothing about the wrong doing of the spouse. If she calls, the

      IRS will know that she knew all along about this under the table bit.

      If in that case the best case senario would be paying back taxes

      (verusu prison time), then even in a divorce she could be required to

      pay half of the debt. My husband and his ex were supposed to split the

      IRS bill they had. She never worked so it was all taxes owed on his

      income, but she was still responsible for half. Their case was just

      that they did not have enough taxes taken out and did not have the

      money to pay it by April 15 of whatever year.


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