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      After she applies for help from public assistance, she should be alright. She

      definately won’t have to worry about food, especially if she uses coupons and

      sometimes food pantries. She’ll definately get medical for the children if she

      doesn’t have it already, and if it will cost her money then public assistance

      can offer medical for free or low as $9 per month. She should stay as far as

      possible from the ex. I’ve studied domestic violence in college and it is a

      viscious cycle to break away from. The kids should know what daddy did to

      mommy. Hiding the truth only makes them think maybe daddy was right. Let them

      know it was definately wrong! And keep reassuring the kids they are loved,

      divorce hurts.


      — In, Jennifer Huff wrote:

      I have a relatively new friend (our daughters just started playing with each

      other in Kindergarden this year) who just called to tell me she spent the day

      yesterday in court. Her husband dragged her out of the house by her neck and

      was attacking her. Fortunately the kids were sleeping. The neighbors called

      the cops. She did manage to get a year long restraining order against him. But

      now this mom of 4 (kids are 5, 4, 2.5 and 1.5) must live on her own. The court

      could only prove that the husband makes $500 per week-he works for his uncle and

      makes at least double that but under the table-so she will only get $350 per

      week to support 5 people! Has anyone else run into this.

      I think (but haven’t said anything to her yet) that she should tell him that he

      needs to cough up more money or she will call the IRS.

      Or will this land her into trouble too as she is still married to the jerk? We

      live in the NorthEast and I’m sure the rent at her place is easily $1500 per

      month. She doesn’t have a degree so she would never make enough money per hour

      as she would have 3 kids in daycare!

      I want to help, but don’t know what to do. Any suggestions are helpful.

      I know abuse happens, I’ve just never known anyone it has happened to. Thanks.


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