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      When I make garlic mashed potatoes I have more than one way. I either

      use sour cream and garlic powder or I use garlic/chive dip or I use

      oven roasted garlic cloves and sour cream. I don’t use a

      recipe,though. I just make with butter, and half and half and a

      combination of these ingredients. I’m sorry. If you google in one or

      two ingredients with the word “recipe” maybe something will come up

      that you recognize? Lori

      — In, “Mindy” wrote:


      > My daughter just called and she can’t find her recipe to make garlic

      > mashed potatoes. I thought I would try here and see if anyone would

      > have this. You use regular baking potatoes and a small container of

      > sour cream or french onion dip (she thinks). There may also be onion

      > soup mix as well. She does know that there is no fresh garlic

      > cloves. If anyone could help us out we’d appreciate it!!


      > Mindy-WI

      > vikefanm@…


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