Help! Family Vacation, Kid’s Camp, or bulk buying?

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      I am torn. I received my refund check and have paid bills and put some in savings. I still have some non committed money left in our regular account that I was thinking about using for bulk buying food.


      This morning, I received an email from the zoo about their upcoming summer camps. So, I started thinking about sending the kids to summer camp or having some frugal family getaway. I don’t want to deprive everyone but I don’t want to deprive our account either.

      I am feeling guilty and torn right now. Help! What would other frugal moms do?

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      I got my taxes done today! And I was trying to figure out what to do with my return too – I decided to use to help pay off my car a little sooner since I have a year left due on it.

      As for you, I’d do something special with it – like the camp or family vacation. Either one sounds pretty good. Would you rather do something together as a family or would you rather the kids go off and have fun on their own so you can have more time to yourself during the day?

      To me, groceries are going to be bought anyways… so if you use your refund on them, it’s more likely to be used without even noticing it was there to begin with. That’s just my opinion though.

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      I kind of agree also. You will end up purchasing the groceries anyhow. The memories, the learning experiences for your children will be well worth the money in my opinion

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      Both of you have great points. Plus, this is the first time we have lived close enough to a zoo to part take in summer camp.

      Since I homeschool, I might feel strange without all of the kiddos during the week. I have not had that happen since we lived in GA and the kids went to my mom’s occasionally. I never looked at it like that before.

      However, we have never gone on a family vacation. We are always traveling for various reasons, but we never “vacation”. That may be a more viable option.

      Still torn, but less hazy about it.

      Thanks so much for you help and input.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Help! Family Vacation, Kid’s Camp, or bulk buying?