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      Re: : Help…empty pantry!

      Here’s my two scents worth 🙂 You need to buy the
      very basics: Baking basics
      flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt &
      pepper shortening, oil.
      …….Now some basica for meals: noodles (macroni or
      spagetti) rice, tomato sauce, and some can soup. Meat
      has all been high priced lately… look for what is on
      sale or cheapest. I bought some bulk hamberger…last
      night we had Hambergers….tonight sloppy joes, we
      still have enough Hamberger that I will make chili and
      some tacos.

      Just use enough meat to flavor the food
      and have it last for several meals.
      ……. Here’s hint that I wished someone would have
      passed on to me years and years ago.. cook dried beans
      in your slow cooker.

      I will put the dry beans in some
      water in my slow cooker at night before I go to bed
      and in the morning I will add some more water… I’ll
      add the left over sloppy joe and cook all day 🙂 I
      also love to cook potatoes in the slow cooker!

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