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      It all depends on the things you like to eat. We love noodle type dishes so we
      keep a lot of rice, and different types of noodles on ours, but my dad doesnt’
      like noodles so it wouldn’t make since for my mom to stock hers with noodles. so
      it just depends on your tastes.

      Noodles are very cheap and you can add just
      about anything to them to make an easy and inexpensive meal.

      We keep a lot of Cream of mushroom soup on hand for easy gravy to add with meat
      and rice. We use a lot of Cream Cheese so we like to stock up on that when we
      get a chance. We use it for alfredo sauce.

      We also use a lot of chicken breasts so we try to keep that on hand also.
      Lemon-Mustard chicken is our favorite for that one. In fact we usually try to
      make extra of this one and cut it up to add to our alfredo sauce for dinner the
      next night.

      My husband also loves to cook seafood so we try to keep that on hand just in
      case he gets in the mood for that. Usually it is just various types of frozen
      shrimp, fish, and muscles.

      If new recipes is what you want, I’d check out that is where
      i go to make out my grocery list for the week. I put in the stuff i know i want
      to make on the days of the week and then I go through and put ingredients that I
      have on hand into the search and the recipes pop up that have that ingredient in
      them and that is what i use for the days that i want to try something different
      or just don’t know what i want to make for that day.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pantry Chat Help…empty pantry!