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    Savin’ Moola wrote:
    Re: Budget101.com : Help…empty pantry!

    Don’t forget chicken leg qts. Cook up a whole bunch at one time and put in meal sized servings. I like to fill a quart sized freezer bag but sometimes even that is too much meat if using in a casserole or skillet type meal. Keep these in the freezer with these a can of cream of anything soup and a can or a handful of any kind of frozen veggie, you can serve over rice, noodles, mashed potatoes, even just plain old white bread. I NEVER buy instant rice I use long grain rice and water in a plastic bowl with a plate on top. Perfect rice every time. My microwave has a pre programmed button for rice so I’m not sure how long it takes but I’m guessing 10min but I’m sure you could google rice/microwave and get dozens of recipes. Minute rice is very expensive! Just be sure to base all of your meals around rice, noodles and potatoes and bread and meat as an ingredient instead of the star of the meal and you will be off to a great start.
    Your next step to filling your panry is to start looking for canned goods at the cheapest price possible. Either on sale as a loss leader at your local store if you have a coupon to go with it. I NEVER pay more than $.33 a can w/o a coupon sometimess free with the coupon, W/O a coupon I get them at save a lot and big lots for $.25 a can. I bought several cases then so I don’t know if they are still that price. It seems as if everything has doubled lately around here. You’ll need to make a prce book so you knoe a great deal when you see one but that is a whole nother subject. 🙂 you can google price book also if you really want to know more about that. In think about .com has a good article aboitn it and so does the dollar stretcher.
    Good Lck Hope this helps, Enjoy your new home. :smt023

    Here’s my two scents worth 🙂 You need to buy the
    very basics: Baking basics
    flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt &
    pepper shortening, oil.
    …….Now some basica for meals: noodles (macroni or
    spagetti) rice, tomato sauce, and some can soup. Meat
    has all been high priced lately… look for what is on
    sale or cheapest. I bought some bulk hamberger…last
    night we had Hambergers….tonight sloppy joes, we
    still have enough Hamberger that I will make chili and
    some tacos. Just use enough meat to flavor the food
    and have it last for several meals.
    ……. Here’s hint that I wished someone would have
    passed on to me years and years ago.. cook dried beans
    in your slow cooker. I will put the dry beans in some
    water in my slow cooker at night before I go to bed
    and in the morning I will add some more water… I’ll
    add the left over sloppy joe and cook all day 🙂 I
    also love to cook potatoes in the slow cooker!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pantry Chat Help…empty pantry!