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      Necessities vary depending on what you like to cook, but these are the
      things I would want to stock first:
      salt and pepper, flour, sugar, margarine, milk, vegetable oil, eggs,
      potatoes, carrots, onions, rice or pasta, then add your preference of
      meat…hamburger, chicken, and round steak (I cut this into stew meat myself)
      are all very
      versatile, then add some canned or frozen vegetables to round out your
      recipes….if you plan on doing much baking, add baking powder, baking soda,
      cinnamon, yeast and maybe cornmeal.

      Dried beans are a great way to stretch the
      budget. For me, I would soon add garlic salt, seasoned salt, lemon and herb
      seasoning, chicken and beef boullion, and a few more baking spices. Hope this

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