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      Hi Maria! Due to our Faith…we do not cut our hair. There are 4 Loooong haired young ladies in our home and then there are the young men..4 of them.We have had it before also.

      Like you…I absolutely hate to get it because it is a horrible ain to get rid of! There are things that you could do that cost MUCH less than Rid. You’ll save money but when dealing with lice you can not save on time.

      Treating for lice is mostly elbow grease. It takes work work work. Here is what we do and it works every time.

      With 6 kids, tons of camps and an extremely social family…we havehad that awful stuff! Vinegar, cheap conditioner, lice bedding spray. These are the main things I treat with.

      First I treat my home. I pack up stuffed toys, hair bands, anything that I know that we come in contact with, have brushed up against or our
      clothing has touched. I strip all bedding – including pillows.

      You don’t have to wach the pillows but you must dry them. Washing in warm water and drying (the most important part) on high heat for at leasst 45 minutes. Spray the mattresses, couch and chairs and fog inside all vehicles with bedding spray.

      If you have a dog, he/she will need treated with Seargents flea and tick shampoo or the below formula. To treat heads: First I take an old shampoo bottle and put about 2 tbsp shampoo in it. I fill it3/4 of the way with white vinegar and the other 1/4 with water.

      Everyone will treat their hair in my home whether you have a bug or not. It is just too much trouble to repeat all of this work.You might as well knock them all out the first time. On a dry head squirt this mixture all over.

      Scrub, scrub, scrub and then leave it to set for 10-15
      minutes. Here is what is happening…The glue that the bugs use to fasten their nits to the hair shaft is dissolving. The adults are either dying or getting very sick.

      This is what makes the process work. Make sure you do not add more vinegar to the mixture. Vinegar is a mild acid and it might sting the neck or back.

      If the seems to be happening rinse sooner and retreat later. You can dilute half/half instead if needed. Rinse the hair well and then cake it with cheap conditioner.

      Rinse slowly and thoroughly. This part of the process will send those little guys right down the drain. They can’t stick to anything now.

      You will want to repeat the above 2 or three times during the week. No need to use a comb unless you just want to. We don’t and we do just fine if we rinse right.

      At this point I also add about a teaspoon of white
      vinegar to all the shampoo bottles in the house and tell the kids to try to use up all the cheap conditioner that week. I catch up on laundry as fast and as carefully as I can making sure to not put the clean clothing on a contaminated bed, couch, floor, etc. You do NOT want to reinfest after all that work!

      Now…that was the easy part. For the entire week you have to do several things. Then by the week’s end you should be home free (or lice free).

      Keep lice bedding spray in your car.After each tripyou should fog your car. If you make 3 trips -fog 3 times. Reinfestation is the reason people can’t get rid of it.

      Once or twice a day you should spray where people sit. Carpet or couches or those high traffic sitting areas. Vacuum often.

      You can use the vinegar mixxture without the shampoo that you mixed up above…but remember the
      vinegar is a mild acid and might fade color after a time. the process will also require lots of vacuuming. also…bed clothes.

      each morning (this was the pain in my neck) strip those bed clothes…each bed…and put them in the dryer -includingthe pillow-for at least 20 min on high heat (or cotton cycle). Then remake the bed. Keeping everyone from sitting on their beds all week long will help assure you’re rid of it also.

      By The Way….you’ll notice that your hair is nice and soft and shiny. THe years and years of shampoo build up are removed from your hair!

      maria wrote: My son went to spend the weekend with his grandmother and came home
      with head lice,I treated his head with NIX and then shaved it(no more
      head lice) But 3 days later,I got head lice!!! I have long hair,and am
      going crazy to get rid of them!! I have tried nix,peanut butter,mayo
      and olive oil and my head is still itching like crazy!

      i passed the
      lice comb thru and thru and i dont see a thing( i hate those nix lice
      combs!)what can i do? is there anything(home remedy) that works that i
      hadn’t tried already? i hate head lice for the sole reason that once
      you get them it takes forever to rid of them!!help!

      god’s love is an un-dieing love, an un-changing love and an un-conditional love. wow- that we could be loved with such an intensity as that!”

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