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      Herlean, Did you guys go overboard on buying “stuff”. You might

      consider selling that stuff on eBay or Craigs List. My son has a big

      family and plenty of bills, but he realized how much stuff he had

      accumulated, and sold on eBay. He was able to get a lot of his bills

      paid, and get on solid ground. They get all clothing at Goodwill,

      dumped the cell phone and cable tv, have a huge garden, and very

      frugal with trips to grocery, etc. They do not qualify for

      assistance, and are managing fine. It isn’t easy, but doable.

      We have to realize that the utility company provides a service, i.e.

      electricity. We have no right to demand they give us free

      electricity anymore than we would expect the grocery store to give

      us their food for free. If we followed this idea, then you should

      not expect to get a paycheck from your job, but let the company keep

      it, and your labor is also free.

      I don’t want to sound mean, but one day the entitlement bubble will

      burst, when the taxpayers, paying for everything, which are at the

      bottom of our upside-down pyramid, will collapse with the weight of

      those who want it all free. That is why this is such a great forum

      to help each other with ideas.

      I am amazed how wonderful this group is with sources, and helps.

      Good luck, as you are in my prayers to find a solution. Anna

      — In, Herlean wrote:


      > You don’t have to be “poor” per se. In our case, the bills cost

      more than we can afford to pay each month. We both work full time,

      but we have way more bills than our income. If we pay less than the

      utility company is demanding, they will turn off the utilities. If

      they turn them off, they will want about a $1000 deposit to turn

      them back on plus the past due amount.


      > as our gross income is too high to qualify for “poverty level” and

      qualify for assistance, we are on our own. baby in the house,

      fridge full of medication that will be rendered useless – nothing

      matters to them but the payments. to them, the only medical reason

      that qualifies for keeping the power on is having a heart machine on

      or oxygen. so, we will soon be living in our car if it comes down to



      > herlean

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