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      You don’t have to be “poor” per se. In our case, the bills cost more than we

      can afford to pay each month. When you fall behind, our local gas & electric

      company “stretches” the amount due out over a few months (usually 3-6) and adds

      that “stretched out” figure onto the current amount due. If you still can not

      pay it, they turn off the utitlities.

      We both work full time, but we have way more bills than our income. If we pay

      less than the utility company is demanding, they will turn off the utilities.

      If they turn them off, they will want about a $1000 deposit to turn them back on

      plus the past due amount.

      as our gross income is too high to qualify for “poverty level” and qualify for

      assistance, we are on our own. baby in the house, fridge full of medication

      that will be rendered useless – nothing matters to them but the payments. to

      them, the only medical reason that qualifies for keeping the power on is having

      a heart machine on or oxygen.

      so, we will soon be living in our car if it comes down to it.


      — on fri, 7/25/08, Lucy Anderson wrote:

      If you are comfortable with answering:

      How do you get poor enough to have utilities shut off, but not qualify for help?

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