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      Yeah – totally understand. When our water was shut off, the husband was

      bringing in around $80K a year. But he would buy $100 bottles of wine, tons

      of beer, take his friends out to $100/plate dinner and buy all organic

      food. I also found him sending money to strange people in Germany…. and

      “investing” in hidden accounts. He is now the ex-spouse….. 52 years old

      and still does not have a clue…. head over heels in debt, can’t afford

      his $400 rent, lost his car… but he makes the same money. You would think

      he might put two and two together someday….. I’m afraid our son will end

      up supporting him at a young age.

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 11:54 AM, Ria <> wrote:

      > I have a friend who cries poor all the time, with bill collectors

      > calling every day, even the utility bill collector coming to their house for

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