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      I have a friend who cries poor all the time, with bill collectors calling every day, even the utility bill collector coming to their house for a payment before shutting them off…

      But her husband makes over $60,000 a year and she brings in about $1300/month on social security…so they don’t qualify for help.

      The thing that gets me is that she has 3 working adult boys living in the house….and she has no mortgage, no property tax bill and no homeowner’s insurance because they live in his parents house free of charge.

      i truly don’t understand how they can be in such a messy financial place. i would be so financially set!

      she does have a habit of ordering things online quite often….and they both smoke cigarettes…(2 packs a day x $6 = $360/month)….have a cell phone plan with 4 people on it….cable TV….

      things add up!

      Not to say that this has anything to do with anything….your comment just reminded me of this.

      — On Fri, 7/25/08, Lucy Anderson wrote:

      From: Lucy Anderson
      Subject: Re: : help
      Date: Friday, July 25, 2008, 10:40 AM

      If you are comfortable with answering:

      How do you get poor enough to have utilities shut off, but not qualify for help?

      My ex and I were self-employed and he spent money hand over fist (he made plenty) on stuff other than the water bill and surprise, surprise – it got shut off. And he had no intention of turning it back on….. I got a loan from my dad for the immediate “turn the water back on” – and then went to work at a temporary job (it was at a garbage dump, but as I had no way of taking a shower prior to interview I couldn’t be picky) – sent him the whole paycheck for a week and we were good….

      There are ways to keep your utilities on – you may need to think “outside the box” but don’t despair.

      On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 11:53 AM, ridleygirl21 <ridleygirl21@> wrote:

      I know what you are going through we are about to have our elec/water

      shut off too,but we do not quailfy for any help, went through all the

      agencys i could think of. Now Im wondering how to keep our food cold

      till we can get it back on in a couple of months im sure it will be.

      any ideas for keeping things cold?

      Jodi in MN

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