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      The quickest way would be to shave your head too. I know you don't want to do that either, but you have to determine what you care more about spreading the lice or having your hair.

      On 4/30/08, maria[/b] <> wrote:

      My son went to spend the weekend with his grandmother and came home
      with head lice,I treated his head with NIX and then shaved it(no more
      head lice) But 3 days later,I got head lice!!! I have long hair,and am

      going crazy to get rid of them!! I have tried nix,peanut butter,mayo
      and olive oil and my head is still itching like crazy! i passed the
      lice comb thru and thru and i dont see a thing( i hate those nix lice
      combs!)what can i do?

      is there anything(home remedy) that works that i

      hadn't tried already? I hate head lice for the sole reason that once
      you get them it takes forever to rid of them!!Help!

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