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      I would also try your local churches. They have been known to help with

      those type of bills. Salvation army helps with PG&E Bills also along

      with food and clothing for kids. I would also suggest if you have

      anything of value to look into pond shops that will hold your items for

      months and if in those months you can’t come up repayment they will

      just ask for loan fee and then extend the “hold” on your items. I have

      done that before and I go to a lady here in Fresno.I hope that helped

      some. — In, “aladyfirst2002”



      > Look I know you are not supposed to go looking for trouble but my

      > lights are off and my water is about to be as well I am not working


      > I am out looking times are getting really hard for me and my family


      > four myself and three kids is there any one who knows someone that I

      > can get a loan from to tide me over at least till I find a job. which


      > hope is real soon. I am at temp services day labors no one has

      > anything. Some one help me please the only thing I get right now is

      > unemployment and that will be running out soon.

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