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      I agree SC is backward. When my husband had a heart attack and was out of work we applied and were treated very kindly by everyone at the DSS office. We only had to wait about 20 minutes. I think that each county is different. We’re in a rural part of the state.
      I grew up in Richland county . I’m pretty sure the nightmare conditions you described are common there and in other large counties.


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      SC is backward! And I live here!!! Most states don’t do the in person interview. When I went in (I panicked after my dh lost his job, and we were left with my $6 hr 20 hr /week paycheck to support a family of 4, and then I found out I was pg… It was a hard month) it took me 3 hours of sitting there, and 10 minutes in her office. The worker is super nice, but the front of the house staff is just plain mean. After that initial interview, I’d always call her to avoid going in. They made me feel so low!!! The worst part is I know I make more than they do!

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      Wow, I just assumed that everywhere did it the way that they do in SC.

      If you live in a state where you can apply for social services in person, then that is most likely the best way to tap into all that is available.

      If you are forced to do it online ( no human contact)perhaps there is government agency that can at least give some info on all that is out there. I am thinking perhaps the office of your local elected representative.

      Hope it works out,


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