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      If you have left the Tea Tree oil on at least 45 minutes, and at least

      4 nights in a row, you are lice free, what about your pillow? I am

      sure you washed your pillow cases, but did you treat your pillow? You

      can do this, either seal it in a bag for at least a week, or seal it

      is a bag and put it in the freezer for 24 hours. That should do

      it….you can also make a mist with the Tea Tree oil to help kill any

      that my be living in your bedding, if you can get your hands on a

      plastic mattress cover …even if you can borrow one for a week, seal

      your mattress in it, this is good and should be done once a year

      anyway to kill dust mites.



      — In, maria wrote:


      > ya know thats what i was thinking especially after the hair dye,tea

      tree oil,flea shampoo and listerine!!

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