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      My hairdresser told me that you really have to treat every 3-4 days

      for awhile to get all the ones that hadn’t hatched when you treated

      originally. This past year lice found its way into our home, three

      kids and I got it. Oh, the itch (and did I mention I was pregnant at

      the time?). I had been checking them because they were itchy but

      couldn’t find anything and chalked it off to cold temp change and dry

      scalp. Then I saw some bugs in my daughter’s head. I started out

      with the Nix stuff, but when I’m still getting lots of LIVE bugs I

      knew I had to use something else. So, next day or so did the olive

      oil treatment and I saw a huge improvement. Then about 3-4 days

      later started to a couple of live bugs (when combing with the lice

      comb) so did another treatment. I found the olive oil treatment

      worked far better than the chemical ones. Pillows and such that you

      can’t wash, toss in the dryer on high heat (can’t remember how long,

      30 mins?). We did vacuum everything we could. I washed

      sheets/blankets/coats every day for close to a week. I can’t even

      begin to imagine trying to deal with this and working full-time.

      I did read somewhere that it could take awhile for the itch to go away

      even if the lice is gone.


      > maria wrote:

      > My son went to spend the weekend with his grandmother and

      came home

      > with head lice,I treated his head with NIX and then shaved it(no more

      > head lice) But 3 days later,I got head lice!!! I have long hair,and am

      > going crazy to get rid of them!! I have tried nix,peanut butter,mayo

      > and olive oil and my head is still itching like crazy! i passed the

      > lice comb thru and thru and i dont see a thing( i hate those nix lice

      > combs!)what can i do? is there anything(home remedy) that works that i

      > hadn’t tried already? i hate head lice for the sole reason that once

      > you get them it takes forever to rid of them!!help!

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