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      FYI… The cleaner your scalp the more likely you are to attract the critters. It is an ugly trick they pull but try not washing your hair for a while because by this point I am just wondering if you have the “phantom itches”.

      When ever anyone says the “L word” around me I start scratching and won't have been anywhere near anything to be in contact with the bugs! You may have over cleaned your scalp to the point where it is lacking natural moisture that belongs there making it dry and itchy. Try going a few days with doing nothing and see if it doesn't start to feel better.

      Jacqui NE Georgia Mntns.

      On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 10:13 AM, maria <> wrote:

      Ok here is what I tried to no avail: These are mighty mutant bugs!!!
      Nix which is just useless!
      olive oil
      peanut butter
      tea tree oil
      Dennorex(teal bottle)
      Listerine(i think I got the orginal one,I used the tan one)
      some cream RXed by my sons doctor
      and still my head is itching especially at night! I have combed and combed and don't see anything! I must have the cleanest head on the block by now!

      I dont have a blow dryer,They just seem to keep getting stronger to live each year!!

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