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      Yes, everything needs to be treated. things that can’t be run on hot

      in the dryer need to be bagged up andelft alone. couches and such

      need to be sprayed with a special lice spray as well as all the seats

      in teh car, car seats, strollers, etc. anything like rugs, drapes,

      couches, etc can temporarily ‘host’ lice.

      when lice are in ones hair, they tend to stick close to the scalp, so

      a haircut would not do alot of good. i remember getting them myself.

      i have full, thick hair almost to my waist. i was working a new job

      as a preschool teacher. never having had lice, i did not know the

      symptoms. by the time it was discovered, i was completely infested

      (ewww!). i had my boyfriend at the time going through my hair,

      individually taking each egg (nit) out. it took him over 48 hours non-

      stop. I got so upset, I finally told him to take a knife and cut them

      out. I had a hairdresser that saw me after hours (they’re not allowed

      to touch someone with lice). That did not help. I went to a

      dermatologist. Believe me…I was at wits end.

      If the mayo and all does not work, I can tell you somethign that

      might, but I have to deliver it with a warning. Kerosene will do the

      trick. If you use it, only do it on yourself. It is illegal to put it

      on your child’s head. I think the warning is that it could cause

      neurological damage, but so can the prescription lice medicine they

      give you to use on children. If you use the kerosene, make sure it

      all gets rinsed out too.

      If you were able to leave the house for 2-3 days, that would be ideal

      as lice can not survive without a human body for very long. So, even

      if your house was infested with them, they would be dead upon

      returning. Just make sure you don’t bring them along in suitcases or

      on your own heads.


      — In, “Jacqui Caruso”



      > The only thing I remember about lice was when my dd had them 8

      years ago. I

      > had to wash EVERYTHING she had been in contact with even the car.

      We took

      > all plush toys and put them in a garbage bag and tossed in the

      garage for 30

      > days, used a roach fogger in the car, steam cleaned carpets and


      > washed all bedding and pillows even mattress. It was horrid and

      all I have

      > to do to start itching is hear the “L word”!


      > Much luck with deinfesting your home,

      > Jacqui C. in NE Georgia Mntns

      > On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 5:59 PM, maria

      > wrote:


      > > My son went to spend the weekend with his grandmother and came


      > > with head lice,I treated his head with NIX and then shaved it(no


      > > head lice) But 3 days later,I got head lice!!!

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