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      writting it down! Thanks wrote: there is something called sulfer 8 on the market that i have used sucessfully on my daughter you put it on your hair and leave it for about an hour. put a plastic bag over your hair while you wait then wash, wash, wash with dawn dish soap. this stuff is a very thick creamy oil.

      you will find it in the health and beauty isle in walmart. after that vacuum, wash your sheets and spray everything with the lice spray and that should get rid of them. we had them for
      months until someone told me about that stuff and after 1 treatment we havent had them anymore, thank god.

      that was 4 years ago.

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      From: maria
      Sent: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 2:59 pm
      Subject: : Help

      my son went to spend the weekend with his grandmother and came home
      with head lice,i treated his head with nix and then shaved it(no more
      head lice) but 3 days later,I got head lice!!! I have long hair,and am
      going crazy to get rid of them!! I have tried nix,peanut butter,mayo
      and olive oil and my head is still itching like crazy!

      i passed the
      lice comb thru and thru and i dont see a thing( i hate those nix lice
      combs!)what can i do? is there anything(home remedy) that
      works that i
      hadn’t tried already? i hate head lice for the sole reason that once
      you get them it takes forever to rid of them!!help!

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