Hellraiser Meat head Centerpiece

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Hellraiser Meat head Centerpiece

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      Make a double batch of saucy smokies. Don’t worry about these getting cold, they still taste awesome.

      Hellraiser Meat Head Centerpiece

      You’ll Need:
      Hard Boiled egg, peeled and cut in half
      Foam Mannequin Head
      Foil to cover the head
      Hot glue
      Batch of Saucy Smokies

      Cover the head entirely with foil, then hot glue the entire base to a wide serving platter. This will help keep it steady when people are dining on Hellraiser.

      secure the hard boiled eggs to the eye sockets first, yolk part facing in.  Then start inserting the saucy smokies throughout the head until it’s entirely covered.

      Insert the olive eyeballs last.

      budget101 Hellraiser eerie edible centerpiece

      Hellraiser Meat Head Centerpiece

      Here’s another, slightly different version.

      If you don’t want to make one using smoked kielbasa sausages, you can make a charcuterie tray instead. Here’s how:

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      Another really quick Sweet & sour Sausage recipe is to use 1 jar of grape jelly, 1 bottle of chili sauce, and 1 package of hillshire farm lil’ smokies.

      Heat the sauces together, whisking until smooth, then add the sausages. Once they’re heated through, you can make the hellraiser head. Baste the head with extra sauce when you’re done.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Hellraiser Meat head Centerpiece