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      My hubby and I would like to have another child. We feel comfortable with everything except one expense. Daycare.

      The cost of caring for a newborn at the center our son attends is pricey (in my opinion). Even with the discount we will get for having 2 kids there, it is still expensive.

      At this point, due to the debts we have, neither of us can afford to quit working all together. I am sure you understand that once you find a place you trust and feel comfortable with caring for your child(ren), you are hesitant to remove them. We love the care that our son gets at his current daycare and they do a lot with him, not just that “herded animal” thing that some places are prone to doing.

      He gets a lot out of it. I love the video link, so we can peek in throughout the day. If we could at all afford
      it, one of us would just stay home, but that is not currently feasible.

      Any suggestions? Realistic ones please. I am currently working on taking pictures of items to list on Craigslist and eBay to sell.

      Make extra money even while we are TTC. Bank it for the future.


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