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      What exactly would you like to know? I have the audio book Total Money Makeover and have love it. Basically, his strategy is done in baby steps.

      You can read allof themon his website. I started the makeover in January after receiving the audio book as a Christmas gift. I am on Step Two and have not used my credit cards all year.

      I have paid off several accounts and have actually had money in the bank at the end of every pay period, which is quite an accomplishment for me. I expect it to take until the end of 2009 to get completely out of debt, with the exception of my mortgage.

      Hope that helps,

      Annette in Alabama

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      Subject: Re: : Hello, New Member asking a Question???
      Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2008, 7:24 am

      Look up dave ramsey in the yahoo search for groups he has an excellent debt helpers group

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      From: “beautifulxbunny195 1”
      Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 01:32:20 -0000
      Subject: : Hello, New Member asking a Question???

      My name is Rebecca, I joined this group for help on debt, please i hope
      nobody gets mad, just wondering if this is debt help or exchanging
      recipes or help me here. I am in serious debt and I need someone to
      talk to.
      Rebecca King

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