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      Hi all.

      I have to say, I’ve been entranced ever since I stumbled across this site 3 days ago! My family fell on some rather tight financial times about a year ago, and for us, it’s the worst it’s ever been. We’ve simply cut back… and cut back some more… and cut back some more. Now that I’ve found this site, I can see quality of life getting much better for us! It’s made me think that we don’t have to suffer so much in order to keep the bills paid and eat too. I’m very excited to continue to explore the forums (as so far I’ve only skimmed through the main pages). And I can’t say this enough to all of the people who have started/worked on/contributed to this site…

      Thank you! two cents

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      Hi Midnight!!

      Welcome aboard and hope that your finding helpful hints!! Ask if you ever need anything…lots of friends here!!!

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      This is a great site isn’t it. Liss does an awesome job keeping us all completely addicted.
      Look forward to your posts.

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      Glad to have another friendly person here. All of us here really do enjoy the site. We have a Super Person Keeping this site alive “Liss”. So as Lynn, said ask if you need anything. There is always someone here to help….Most of all Enjoy.

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      Yes I know that this site can teach so much !!! The best thing though is everyone here is so helpful & will do their best to do what they can !!!

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s Hello from West Texas