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      I thought i did this before but i guess not.My name is chris scott. I am a mother of four and grandmother of three. I live with my boyfriend and two of his five children. I unfortunately got laid off from work so now i spend most of my days trying to fine a new job. When i am not doing that , I spend my time taking care of my home and family. I love crafts,music and most everything else. I also love finding ways to save money during our everday lives. Free samples in my mind are a wonderful thing and really help out. Lastly I love meeting new friends and speaking with all. Hope to talk to all real soon:laundry:

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      Welcome to the site. You will find a lot of great ideas on here to save as well as numerous freebies. There are a lot of very friendly people here as well. Hope you enjoy your time on the site.

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      Hi Chris,
      Welcome — I see that you have been here for awhile. Looking forward to your future postings. Hope you continue to enjoy your time here.

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      Hi! glad you joined us! Hope you find a good job soon! My son had to move back home after losing his job and has been looking hard for jobs covering 4 state area for 4 months and so far no job but lately he’s had several interviews so maybe something will pop up soon!

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      Welcome, glad you’re posting. This is a great site as I’m sure you know by now. Looking forward to you sharing ideas. Best of luck on the job hunt.

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      Welcome, Chris, from another PA’er! I know the economy is getting rougher and rougher. PA was a little ahead but now is catching up to the rest of the country. Wish you luck in finding employment. Meanwhile, you have found a great buch of people to talk with.

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      Welcome Chris. Good luck with the job hunt. I’ve been laid off a few times over the years and it can be very depressing. It’s good that you have your family there for support.

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      Hey Chris, Welcome to the site.

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      Hello from Canada….Welcome aboard!

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      Welcome to the forum! I also recently lost my job. I know it’s tough. I think you will find some helpful information here!

      ~ Misty

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s Hello from Pennsylvania