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      hello. my name is Nicole and i’m from good ole pennsylvania or as i like to call it, Pennsyl-tucky. I’m in my mid 20’s and live alone, so i’m on a tight budget. I’m a self-proclaimed addict to thrift stores and outlets, I clip cupons like they will never be printed again and ,just like eveyone else, try to stretch every dollar for what its worth. I’m not very crafty, but i do well with do-it-yourself fixer uppers.

      I was thrilled when i found this website. everyone seems to have such good ideas to save $$. I can’t wait to talk to eveyone and share my ideas about being young and frugal!!! :038:

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      Welcome to the site. You have found on of the best sites out there for information about saving and stretching the budget. Hope you enjoy your time here. 🙂

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      Hello from Canada….Welcome!!

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      Hello from Shelbyville, KY. I used to live in PA. I lived in Southwest PA, about 35 miles east of Pittsburgh.

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      Hello and Welcome, Hope you enjoy your time here. And looking forward to your future postings.

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      Welcome to the site, glad to hear you’re getting started on being frugal at a young age. So much easier to start that way rather than do it our of necessity later when bills have piled up. A lot less stressful.

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      Hello, neighbor! I’m about ten miles east of Gettysburg. Sadly, it kind of speaks of PA’s economy that there are so many PA’ers here. But there’s alot of good information here besides a bunch of great friends!

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      Welcome to the group, you will soon find yourself addicted LOL

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      Hello and Welcome

      this is the really nice site

      Enjoy <3

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      Welcome! Can’t wait to hear you money-saving ideas! 🙂

Viewing 9 reply threads
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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Hello From Pennsyl-tucky!