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      Hello from Ohio,
      Great site! Can’t wait to pick up some budgeting ideas from everyone. I really need help in this.


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      Welcome to the site. I was born and spent some years in ohio as a child and as an adult! Hope you enjoy the site.

      If you need help just ask-you will find lots of goodies on here to keep you busy with saving some money 🙂

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      Hello and welcome to the board…You will find that this site becomes addictive real quick…Lot’s of friendly people.

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      pennypinchinmama, Hello From Ohio at you. You have found a really good site here.. Super friendly site here.

      I’m from N.Ohio myself–Near Oberlin. Oh and there are so many ways to pinch those pennies here. Hope You Enjoy the site as much as all of us do….

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      Welcome to the group! Enjoy! 🙂

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      Happy to meet you. Welcome to the group.

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      Welcome and look forward to gettin to know ya!! Love the name too:036:

      Anything you need, just ask away…so many wonderful people here who are more than willing to share their wisdom and plain old friendly advice. You’ll quickly find this is the best darn place on the net!!!!!


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      Hello there!!!

      Welcome!!! I hope you will jump on in, you will find alot of frugal ideas and some great friends too!!! Look forward to your posts!!!

Viewing 7 reply threads
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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Hello from Ohio