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      Thanks for your reply, Donna. In response:

      >> you could say something in the lines of “I can afford to pay you $xx.xx per month or $xxx.xx in total but that is all I can do. I will have to borrow that as well. But in return no more interst and this is in full settlement.” << This is on the lines of what I had in mind. Thanks for concurring.
      >> Filing bankrupcy could cost you your house. << After a consult with a bankruptcy attorney, I am not going for bankruptcy. Although according to him that might have been an option had my previous attorney advised me correctly. You live, you learn.
      >> There are free credit councing centers that you might want to check out as well. << I certainly will do that when I locate them. Thanks.
      >> In about 10 years (after all is paid) your credit will be getting better. << Wow, 10 years, huh? That’s mind-boggling. I had perfect credit prior to this financial disaster. Amazing how fast things can deteriorate, and how long it can take to recover. Sobering.
      >> first thing to do is to make sure that your house is not getting a lein on it. << It already has several. This is why I’m so upset with this lawyer. He said they could be reversed and then the accounts settled, and while I thought he was working on this for the past several months, he apparently did absolutely nothing. Another lesson learned, you’ve got to stay on top of your attorneys.
      >> Also have you been paying your creditors?
      << The two accounts I had been paying on, I stopped when I hired the lawyer, at his advice. He said if I continued paying, they would never cut a deal with him.

      Thanks again for your advice. I can only move forward at this point and try to make up for my mistakes and the mistakes of my lousy attorney.



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