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      If you call and speak to someone at the credit agency

      and explain to them your situation you will probably

      get somewhere. REmember that something is better than

      nothing. Maybe you could say something in the lines of

      “I can afford to pay you $xx.xx per month or $xxx.xx

      in total but that is all I can do. I will have to

      borrow that as well. But in return no more interst and

      this is in full settlement.”

      Get everything in writting. Filing bankrupcy could

      cost you your house. The laws have changed

      drastically. It is harder for people to file for


      Try getting a consolidation loan (if possible) to

      cover your settlement amounts. That would be better

      than borrowing from your sister. Trust me. My brother

      borrowed money from me and hasn’t paid it back. It has

      put strain on our relationship. I won’t help him


      There are free credit councing centers that you might

      want to check out as well. Also if any are in

      collection (I am sure there are since some have

      attorneys involved) contact the collection agency and

      see what it would take to settle. They can sometimes

      get what you can’t get approved.

      This is a deep hole you have doug yourself into it

      will take a lot of hard work and time to get it

      straightend out. In about 10 years (after all is paid)

      your credit will be getting better. The first thing to

      do is to make sure that your house is not getting a

      lein on it. Have the attorney do an abstract to make

      sure there is no lein.

      Unfortunatly you may have to borrow some money from

      your sister as you may need some research done that

      could cost some money but keep it limited and make

      sure that you pay her back. (even if it’s ten dollars

      a month)

      Also have you been paying your creditors? Even a

      couple dollars a month shows good faith. They would be

      more willing to work with you if there is some form of

      good faith.

      take care




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